koki is the word which we Sindhis call it for onion paratha which is prepared with wholewheat flour, ghee onion, and some chopped herbs

koki is a flatbread which we can eat with hot tea or curd or chutney of your choice or eat just like that if you wish let’s cook it

Ingredients  for koki  are

3 cups of whole wheat floar

2-3 roughly chopped onions

2-3 roughly chopped green chilles

Dry pomogranteseeds(anardana) or powder

Dry roasted coriander seeds

2- rougly Chopped coriander leaves

salt to taste

water to knead the dough

oil or ghee to roast the koki

How To Prepare koki -Instructions

  • in abig bowl take a 3 cups of whole wheat floar

take 2poons of ghee and add to the whole wheat flour

Add roughly chopped onoins , roughly chopped green chilies , roughly chopped coriander leaves, salt, pomegranate seeds , coriander seeds mix all the ingredients in the bowl and add water to knead the dough, at last, add some oil to make the dough soft and smooth . let the dough rest for 5-10mins so the gluten should form

After 5-10mntues pinch a medium size of dough and roll it with rolling pin to a semicircle shape do not roll it totally

after rolling it to a semicircle roast it on a hot griddle or Tawa with medium to low flame on one side for 2-3 seconds then flip it on the other side roast the other side as well .

then a take the half roasted dough and roll it again with the rolling pin to a bigger shape

then place the fully rolled dough to hot griddle and roast it with oil or ghee

and server it with chilled curd or hot tea or chutney of your choice or eat it just like that

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